We are delighted to announce that NOTICED has been nominated for the Outstanding Multi-Cultural/BAME Employee Network Award at the UK Diversity Legal Awards 2017.

We are thankful to the UK Diversity Legal Awards for considering us.

Our Co-Chair Siddhartha Shukla commented, “NOTICED was established in 2013 and I have been involved since the very beginning.  Over this short period of four years all our member firms have been very supportive and our committee members have worked very hard indeed, beyond their usual hours and beyond their day job.  Our nomination is a testament to that.  I am personally privileged to be a part of the network and to have led it.”

Our Co-Chair Divya Selvaraj further added, “As a recent addition to the NOTICED committee, I am very inspired by the dedication shown by each committee member. I am confident that with the support of our member firms, the network will continue to be impactful in the diversity space. This nomination is certainly an honour for each of us in the network.”

View the full shortlist of nominees here.